Customer service – who works there today?

Here's how I see today's employees at customer service:

🙋 ♀️Social
🙋 ♀️Sympathetic
🙋 ♀️Service minded
🙋 ♀️Patient
🙋 ♀️Good at adapting the language to your customer

Maybe they're young? First job? Part-time while studying? Maybe they don't work for a long time when something lucrative lurks around the corner?

It's pretty easy to work in customer service, but it's not easy to be good at customer service. And the few who stand out, who continue to deliver satisfied customer after satisfied customer — they are worth gold. But they are also the ones that are the hardest to keep.


I want to stick out my nose and draw this argument: customer service is a good yardstick of an employee's overall performance over time.

Do we accept this certainly unwarranted, but perhaps obvious premise, well, then it becomes even more important to grab as many as you can of these shooting stars once you have the chance.


Then comes the next question: how do we keep them within the organization?

By developing them internally and releasing the potential

But how do we free up time to develop them?

As usual, the answer to that question is probably: automation of linework.

But here it's not enough to press the magic automation button and let those who are bad go home and those who are good become team leaders---customer service managers.

The development of employees must begin somewhere. However, we can automate certain parts of the work,and free up time; then we can spend that time developing the employees in the customer service. And before we know it, they're ready for the next step. Gratitude and motivation come back in droves.

The shooting stars are moving on. But the process is still automated, and where the stars leave a gap, the next people can be put into training. And so the good circle continues.


Don't wait for the few who do the job so incredibly well to move on to the next challenge. Give them the next challenge. Look out the window and see what the world of digitization has come out with in recent years. There are lots of possibilities in everything from smart case management systems that synchronize across several of your old platforms, RPA solutions that go in and do admin work in your legacy systems. Chat bots,voice responses, analytics.

Do something about customer service and make sure that those who work there today, the stars, stay and develop, and become the next manager or game changer for your organization.

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