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Optimize conversions on your website with our Conversation Starters. Proactively guide visitors through purchases. Help more customers find the right accessories and check out their items.  
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An extra layer of conversion optimisation

  • Proactive response

    Meet your customers on the website just like in a physical store. Make it clear that help is available if needed. Enhance the customer experience.

  • Increased sales per customer

    Recommend the right accessories when appropriate. Answer follow-up questions and adapt the offer to each customer's situation.

  • Higher conversion rate

    Increase basket conversion through availability to answer questions, and with special offers at the right time.

  • More satisfied customers

    Ensure availability to create the right expectations in customers, leading to more satisfied customers, and fewer customers with problems afterwards.

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Your digital shop assistant.


Increase your conversion by increasing your availability. Like a shop assistant who proactively helps customers with their purchases, our chatbot can do the same on your website. Let the chat "pop" and say the right thing at the right time. Guide customers through shopping trips. Increase sales while improving customer satisfaction.  


"We have been looking at cures for a long time but have not found them to meet our expectations.

Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the cooperation."

– Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead, Nelly.com

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Several ways to start a conversation

Unique page

The simplest trigger is to customize the message based on the URL.

Check out

Make an offer when items are in the basket without being checked out.

Time on page

Set a message to be triggered after a certain number of seconds on the page.


Say something when the customer has scrolled a certain length on the page.

Shopping cart

Trigger a notification when the customer adds something to the shopping cart.


Say something when the customer hovers over an object.


Is a form left without being submitted? Trigger a message!


Trigger a message when the visitor presses a certain button on the page.

Start work to increase sales on the website

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