Chatbots - Part 1 - What are Chatbots?

We at Hello Ebbot find it super exciting with chatbots, ai, nlp, machine learning and everything that the digital age provides the opportunity for.


Let's start with the basics. A chatbot is simply a text- or speech-based robot that you can write to. Depending on the skills it has been equipped with, it can interpret and answer your question/reflection/claim. These skills can be anything. Everything from telling you what the weather is like in your city to sending out a lost invoice again.


The above terms stand like rods on the slopes and it is incredibly easy to throw an "AI" into a description in an attempt to make it relevant and modern.

So, let's pray a little in the expressions. Hold on, hold on!


When we talk about chatbots and AI, this is about understanding what a person wants to implement and then taking the right action based on this. For example, this person wants to buy a movie ticket. Therefore, the chatbot should show the function "Buy a cinema ticket" and ensure that the person performs this as desired


As the names suggest, this is about understanding "plain language". Ie when a user writes "hello there, I want to see a cool movie with a lot of action" so we can with the help of NLP understand that it says [Greeting] – [movie] – [action]

In other words, NLP helps us understand what a human being means even though he doesn't write exactly what the chatbot expects.


NLP uses Machine Learning, by training NLP with example sentences and expressions it learns to interpret people. This is incredibly important to create a great experience. Think, for example, of how many different ways we humans greet each other, but they all mean the same thing. Howdy! Tjenna, what are you doing here? Hey Man, Hello Man, Hello, Halloj, Hello, Hello, Tjabba, Tjenixen.

Machine Learning is simply algorithms that help a computer train itself to understand what we want it to understand. It does this on the basis of examples and thus learns to draw conclusions.

Without NLP and Machine Learning, your chatbot will never understand and be able to meet all the different customers.

Mvh Ebbot

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