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At Rusta the bot is called Christina.

Christina answers questions about stock levels and opening hours and helps customers to make complaints. And of course much more. Enquiries are forwarded to agents sitting in our Smart Chat tool. Those that can't be handled directly are passed on to Cention through our integration. Together with the team at Rusta, we have managed to achieve amazing results after just a few months. 

"The collaboration with Ebbot has been magical in every way. Extremely committed and inspiring team throughout, regardless of which department you have been in contact with. Smooth and easy implementation, straight and clear communication and the entire package was tailored to our needs and wishes. We are proud of this collaboration and of course we give 5/5 robots in rating. Everyone should have an Ebbot!"

– Dino Burazer
Bot Specialist, Rusta

Dino Rusta

35 000 chats in the first two weeks

We launched during Black Week 2021 and from day 1 we saw a huge amount of traffic coming to the chat.

93% Handled by the messenger without human intervention

Of this traffic, the messenger could take almost any question! This is achieved through a lot of data and a strong understanding of the types of questions that come in so that you can pre-empt them by letting the messenger answer them.

Human handling reduced by 70%

With the bot being able to help most customers, there was a significant reduction in human handling.

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Rusta warehouse

The number of chat conversations handled increased by 327%

Over 4x as many customers were able to get their questions answered in chat compared to before!

The total cost decreased by 30%

As a large part of the support was automated, the total cost was reduced by 30% including all costs of the service.

Number of cases in other channels decreased by 13%

More customers are choosing to turn to the chat because the channel offers faster help. In the long term, we expect cases in other channels to continue to decrease.

Can you achieve the same effects?

Get a live demo on the web where we go through which processes Ebbot could automate in your business and the conditions to achieve the same effects as in this case.