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Three Trends In CX 2020

It's an honor to meet so many companies every week. A smorgasbord of lessons and insights. Every time you take the opportunity to ask what challenges there are in their industries, you will easily find common denominators. Digitalization anxiety, the stress of what to make of all the data you have accumulated over the years (and how to quickly access it). Everything should go fast like that, otherwise you will be overtaken by the latest, hottest, fattest startup company.

At the same time, both customers and employees place higher and higher demands on companies, and this is clearly the fault of technology. Is there video technology that allows you to talk to your employees in real time, well then you should be able to work from the surfboard in Bali without any problems. Is there AI that can answer questions 24/7/365? Then a minute's waiting time is a disaster.

However, technology also makes it possible to respond to these demands better and better. It even keeps on being so good that we can be one step ahead. Customer Experience is the buzzword that brings together strategies and tactics companies can use to make the customer experience magical, and respond to demands customers didn't even know they had yet.

Where are we going? Here are 3 trends we strongly believe in based on what we've seen and heard:


The App Store's reign is over. We may still have 100 apps installed on our phones. But they are evasive in folders that never open, and instead we use 4-5 favorites over and over again. The apps that still do very well happen to be messaging services such as Messenger, Whatsapp, and WeChat.

The reason for this is that people love the fast, interactive, yes, human with conversation. In the future, we'll probably see that it's becoming more common for companies to be available to their customers in these particular messaging apps from third-party integrations.

Although this has already started to some extent, there is much to suggest that this is only the beginning. Companies should therefore be prepared to meet their customers in the chat box or in the comments fields on social media.


In a world where all companies promise quality and best price at the same time, these parameters are no longer enough as USPar to stand out in the noise. Instead, customers buy everything they can make a statement with, and which you can then share on social media. Vegan shoes made from PET bottles and dolphins' tears of joy and used by a famous freeclimber. Waterproof training bracelet that donates to rainforest preservation every time you log a swim. Like rockets!

This becomes especially important in a bit "more boring" industries where fewer opportunities are available to stand out. Here, the latest technology is often important to be able to freshen up something that has been done in the same way for decades. Look, for example, at companies like Billogram in invoice management, as well as start-up Tibber in the electrical industry.


It no longer works to have 24 hours of response time to a case. The customers are entrepreneurs/influencers/artists themselves and they do not have time to wait to suddenly be interrupted a day later between the meditation session and the cold shower.

It is also becoming increasingly common for customers to contact us directly on social media. If you are not quick to respond then it can end really badly as many others can quickly share the dissatisfaction with their respective circles.

80% of customers use their mobiles for contact. Then you have to have a user-friendly alternative ready there too.

Here, services such as intelligent chatbots become a gift from above ;).

Of course, there is so much that is about to explode in this area. Big Data Analytics makes it possible to create even more personalized experiences for customers. IOT determines when it's time to refill an item in the fridge. AI is taking over more and more underlying processes. But the trends mention in this article I think are easiest to embrace, and will likely pay a lot of dividends very soon.

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