Streamline customer dialogues with Ebbot in TOPdesk

Say hello to Ebbot, TOPdesk's integrated digital employees and chat tools. Ebbot offers the latest technology in Conversational AI, combining a powerful chatbot with AI-assisted tools in a SmartChat for human employees.  

4 reasons to use Ebbot

Personalized service

Give customers instant access to information. More specifically than long FAQs. 

Always available

With Ebbot you are available to your customers at all hours of the day, every day, all year round.

Happy employees

Let employees skip boring questions and focus on what they do best: creativity and complex problems. 

Decimate costs

With significantly lower pressure into customer service, less resources are needed in the long run, and it costs less. 


Automate customer service with Ebbot. An intelligent chatbot powered by AI & Machine Learning, which speaks over 20 languages and makes your business available 24/7. A revolutionary easy way to get started with chatbot! 


Ebbot's SmartChat takes the live chat experience to a whole new level by using Ebbot's AI to empower human employees. 


With Autopilot, agents can let Ebbot take over chats at the right time: for example, to collect data or place a case. In the meantime, the employee chats with other customers. The agent can jump in later to continue the dialogue.

Power Ups

With Power Ups, agents can enable powerful integrations, allowing them to do everything from adding cases to collecting leads without having to leave the chat.  

TOPDesk & Ebbot

With Ebbot's TOPdesk integration, everything is connected for a seamless experience. Cases are automatically created with all relevant data when a chat is sent to an employee. Agents can update and close cases. All history can be found in TOPdesk and is also available directly in the info box of each chat.  

The Ebbot widget is super easy to set up:

Get started with your automation journey!