Real estate companies' new major investment

With Hello Ebbot there is now the opportunity to participate in a magnificent project where we together automate the property industry's most common questions to customer service. 

Find out how you can reduce the load on support while maintaining a great customer experience! 

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How it works...

1. Retrieves all queries

We have collected query data from over 280 real estate companies in Sweden. This corresponds to over 1000 specific customer queries. 

2. Grouping questions

Our AI model identifies which queries are the same and groups them. Clusters of queries are then assigned relevant answers in the next step.

3. Creates answers

For each grouping of questions, each real estate company can decide for themselves what answer to give on their website.

4. Creating magic

The result is chatbot that helps customers 24/7. The data from all bots collaborates, which makes all bots smarter together. 

Vitec - Powerful integrations

With VITEC, we are breaking new ground in customer contact for construction and real estate companies. Ebbot integrates with VITEC's product portfolio. Ebbot automates everything from fault reporting to sending aviaries. 

This collaboration makes it possible not only to guide customers to the right answers — but to solve customers' cases completely from start to finish. 

More ready-made integrations with...


Ammie - Amasten


Amasten was our pioneer customer in this project. Today, Ammie answers over 70% of visitors' questions — which range from rent questions to fault reports.  

The chat as a channel, which did not previously exist, is now a highly appreciated channel among customers. This is noticeable by the fact that a large proportion of the total cases now come through the chat. 

"We feel that we do not receive the same repetitive questions from Amasten's customers to the same extent anymore after they launch Ebbot"
Maria Hörnquist
Customer Service Manager, Adritel (Amasten, Rikshem, Victoria Park)

Bodil - The residence in Umeå

Bodil at Bostaden in Umeå was launched just before the summer of 2021. During the summer, Bodil answered 73% of visitors' questions. This corresponds to 4216 customers helped completely automatically. 

Bodil works with everything from searching new apartments to informing visitors about how personal data is handled. 


Want to know more about Ebbot?

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