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Best conditions for getting started


Everything you need to get Ebbot up and running with you. Let's do the job. You save your resources for other things.
(adjusted price) one-time cost
  • Workshop and consultation
  • Ebbot construction
  • Graphic design on chat widget
  • Design by Bot-Avataar
  • Set of chat & accounts
  • Training for administrators
  • Bot testing
  • Implementation and launch of bot


We'll help you along the way. This includes everything from maintenance to uptime. We train the bot and develop it over time.
(based on volume) monthly cost
  • Ebbot works
  • Support agreement
  • Set of chat & accounts
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • User-friendly bot-builder
  • Training Center for Bot Development
  • Employee SmartChat
  • Power-ups
  • Skills management

6 weeks from Workshop to GO LIVE

1. Workshop

Mapping your incoming questions. Set of scopes and projects.

2. We build your bot

You know your business. We can build cures. We ball tonality in the answers but otherwise you don't lift a finger.

3. Testing/Training

We want your staff to be excited to use our chat. We train them and test to make sure the bot works properly.



We are launching on your side and the bot is starting to help customers. Often we already see on day 1 that the bot takes 40% of incoming questions.

Mirelle Gofido

The collaboration with Ebbot is a cornerstone of our strategy for our total work for the best customer experience

Mirelle de la Torre Walldén

Operations Manager, Gofido

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