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You can't be the best at everything! We know automation & chatbots. But where our knowledge dwells, our partners take over. Read more about our partners, or join the Ebbot Partner Program below!

Construction & Real Estate

With VITEC, we are breaking new ground in customer contact for construction and real estate companies. Ebbot integrates with VITEC's product portfolio. Ebbot automates everything from fault reporting to sending aviaries. 

Case Management

Through our cooperation with IT Software, a customer can ask about their case via Ebbot. When Ebbot and the customer then arrive at an update, Ebbot sends a request to update the field via API link to TOPdesk. This is then added directly into the system. Similarly, Ebbot can retrieve data from TOPdesk to update customer on the status of cases.

Other Partners

These fantastic companies help our customers find magical solutions, where Ebbot often comes in and takes care of everything regarding chat and automation. We are proud to be in the company of these forward thinking organizations!

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