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NeuralSpace is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) company specializing in local, or low-resource languages. The NeuralSpace Platform is developers' one-stop solution for any NLP features, does not require any machine learning expertise, and all that is needed is a handful of data to train your custom model with a click of a button. The NeuralSpace Platform is modular and each of its apps, from natural language understanding (NLU) to Speech-to-Text and Transliteration, can be taken as a standalone product and even installed on a private cloud if required.

Private Cloud Solution

NeuralSpace offers a private cloud deployment to Ebbot where the NeuralSpace Platform is hosted on infrastructure arranged and provided by Ebbot. It allows Ebbot to comply with GDPR requirements as customer-owned data is not shared or processed outside of the private cloud that is owned by Ebbot and hosted in the European Union. 

one-stop solution

One of NeuralSpace's most important propositions for any developer is that all NLP requirements can be fulfilled with one single platform and jingling between multiple vendors with different data formats is not required anymore. The NeuralSpace Platform provides various NLP-specific apps like NLU, Transliteration, Translation, Speech-to-Text, and many more in one place so that developers do not need to think about handling different services, their payments and contracts.

Ease of Integration and No-Code Platform

The NeuralSpace Platform is developed keeping in mind ease of use as well as ease of switching from any other solution to NeuralSpace. The Platform can be accessed from the CLI for developers, by REST APIs for an easy web or online product integration, and even by a no-code GUI so that training, testing and deploying a model in production can be done without writing one line of code. The Platform includes features like multiple output formats corresponding to Google Dialogflow, IBM Watson, or Rasa in order to make it easy to switch live products in production to the NeuralSpace Platform with minimal changes in customers' own codebase.

State-of-the-art NLP Models

At NeuralSpace, we always make sure that our proprietary NLP models behind any of our apps on the NeuralSpace Platform are state-of-the-art and comparable offerings by Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or AWS do not achieve higher accuracies.

Additionally, we always consider scalability or load handling capabilities so users of the NeuralSpace Platform do not only get the most accurate models but can also use them for thousands of requests per minute. The NLP models behind the NeuralSpace apps are specialized in low-resource languages, which are languages with small data sets that are predominantly spoken in Scandinavia, Africa and Asia. To make the life of the software developers who use the NeuralSpace Platform as easy as possible, the Platform takes care of training models without specifying any model parameters by using AutoNLP.

Furthermore, developers do not need to worry about any deployment issues because the NeuralSpace Platform takes automatically care of scalable deployment with multiple model replicas by a proprietary AutoMLOps functionality.


One of the key advantages of the NeuralSpace Platform is its scalability. It is designed in such a way that it can linearly scale to millions of requests every hour, which is achieved by combining technologies like Kubernetes and Container Instances with a proprietary compute-load watchdog, data allocator and training scheduler. The scalability is extensively tested through load testing techniques by simulating a large number of requests the NeuralSpace Platform receives at the same time, providing statistics around the limits for a given number of model replicas, and providing an estimated cost for the infrastructure required for the given load quantities. Thus, it makes it easy for any developer to assess the economic feasibility of using NeuralSpace without having to go through a lengthy process of experimentation first.

All of these points make the NeuralSpace Platform a must-try for any team of developers that is using a collection of other solutions to provide language services to their customers. The ease of trying and integrating the NeuralSpace Platform should help developers make quick decisions about how the NeuralSpace Platform can help them best.