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Anders Ebbot Chatbot Avatar
To have the opportunity to work with a position that today in many ways seems futuristic but which in the near future will be seen as a given is what makes this the world's funniest job.  Then it's hardly negative that my colleagues are the world's best mix of wacky, brilliant, fun and absolutely fantastically driven people.  By the way, is it legal to have this much fun at work?
Anders Clarin, CEO since May 2018
Jeffrey Ebbot Chatbot Avatar
I as a person need to constantly develop and learn new things, which makes Ebbot a perfect workplace for me. Taking on completely new challenges and solving problems together with a fantastic team, where we listen to each other and help each other out to get ahead, makes each person an important building block for the company's success.
Jeffrey Bohannan, Customer Implementation Manager since May 2019
Emma Ebbot Chatbot Avatar

I love working in a customer centric environment. Ebbot takes the workload of employees. Motivated employees create satisified customers. And an organization with happy customers is a happy organization. Full circle! 

Emma Fällman, Account Manager since August 2019
Joachim Ebbot Chatbot Avatar

There is no doubt to me that Hello Ebbot is a service that will take the market by storm. To be part of this journey is extremely exciting! What motivates me most of all the good things this nice workplace offers is that every day presents something new I have the opportunity to learn, and if I encounter any problems or questions, I have amazing colleagues who are there for each other! We are also active in a relatively new industry and will certainly be the company that determines the trends around what is expected from a chatbot. It feels safe to work within a company that has a clear dream about what the digital employees of the future look like!

Joachim Erbe, Customer Implementation Manger since February 2020
Gustav Ebbot Chatbot Avatar

We have never really liked to start from job descriptions. In the end, we try to build our company on key people who love what they do but who also want to develop within their interests. If you can find win/win between an employee who is passionate about something and the company's needs, I am convinced that the effect you can achieve is unbeatable. In the end, we perform people at our best when we get to work with something we believe in and that we believe create value. I love being able to give that opportunity to people in the role of business leader and feel enormous pride in the culture we are building

Gustav Elveros, CMO since 2018
Karl Ebbot Chatbot Avatar
To once again get the chance to work with the same amazing customer-dedicated and quality-focused team that once made Ownit a success story, both with customers, staff and market and also this time doing so in such an exciting area as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Who knows what prints we can make in the market! Many I think if the history is any clue! Amazing!
Karl Edlén, Account Manager since March 2020
Ebbot Chatbot Avatar

I like working here. But gets a little bit of a job sometimes. But it's okay, I'm infinitely scalable. 

Ebbot, Chatbot since May 2018