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 Ebbot is an intelligent chatbot that adapts to your business.
 Ebbot is available on all the popular social media platforms and is  always ready to serve your customers.

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With Ebbot as your employee you will revolutionize your customer service. Start the video to see how!

Why use Ebbot?

Ebbot is a chatbot that loves to help! In the section below you'll find some examples on whats makes Ebbot so special. If you wanna know even more, just ask Ebbot!


Ebbot is available 24/7, 365 days per year. It's doesn't matter if it's in the middle of the night. Ebbot is never late for work, no matter how bad the weather is :)

Social Media

Ebbot loves to serve your customers on your favorite social media platfor
Fopr example Facebook, KIK, Twitter, Slack, Telegram.

Ebbot understands your customers

Ebbot speaks swedish and is also available in English


You can super charge Ebbot if you let him talk to your systems. Ebbot has an easy to use API and there is no problem to let Ebbot talk to yout API.

So, let's see how much you could save by using Ebbot

Please use the toggles to see how much you would save by letting Ebbot be a part of your customer service.

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Ebbots' skillset

Ebbot is really easy to get started with. Ebbot understands your customers and he can help them with tasks like sending a copy of a missing invoice or help your customer order a new service or upgrade an existing one.

Understands Swedish & English

Ebbot can talk to your customer in Swedish or English. He uses leading Natural Language Processing from Google.

Support for many platforms

Ebbot works on all the most popular platforms. This means that the same installation of ebbot works on your facebook page, twitter or any other platform. This saves money and time and all your customers get the same experience.

Secure customer verification

Ebbot has support for BankID and verification via SMS. This helps Ebbot identify your customers in a secure way.


Ebbot guides and answear your customers in the same way as a real human beeing. This means that your customer can talk to Ebbot just as any other person since there is no need to adapt to a specific type of language in order to get Ebbot to understand. Ebbot also likes to talk about everyday thins like the weather and sports. Give it a try!

A glimpse at the Ebbot App

Ebbot has a modern and intuitive GUI that makes every task a pure joy ;).
Ebbot can help your customers place a trouble ticket or provide your customers with travel documents! Everything can be monitored from Ebbot App!

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