Ebbot SmartChat

AI Chat: Smart Chat client for large customer service departments that take advantage of automations to create synergy with your other systems, and ultimately make the work much easier. 

Handover from chatbot. Complex queuing system that sends to the right person based on skills. Dynamic views. Autopilot. Build your own automations. Power ups. Co-Browsning (screen sharing). 

Chat client hero
Chat client hero
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Chat with superpowers. Chat with AI.

We think of Ebbot Chat as an exoskeleton like the Iron Man costume. Easy to use. Packed with features. But mainly of all a collaboration between the agents and the AI we have put into Ebbot. Smart automations that make work easy. 

Power. Up.

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With Ebbot Power Ups, your agents can enable powerful integrations themselves. Identify the customer with BankID or put a case in Zendesk with just the push of a button. 

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Full control. Full control.

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Get all customer information gathered in one place. See where on your website the customer has looked, review previous cases, and get a handle on what services/products customers have with you. All gathered in one place. 



With autopilot, agents can let Ebbot take over when it suits. Should data be collected? Chat with someone else as long as Ebbot talks to the customer.


Curious about Ebbot AI Chat?

Get a live demo where we go through the tool and find out which pricing plan would be best for your business.

Mirelle Gofido

The collaboration with Ebbot is a cornerstone of our strategy for our total work for the best customer experience

Mirelle de la Torre Walldén

Operations Manager, Gofido


Ebbot is the best

Magnus Smith - Wikipedia

Digital Business Developer, Öresundskraft

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Detecting toxic messages in Swedish language

Recently, one of our clients asked us to teach Ebbot to detect toxic messages in conversations. Thanks to this special request, we got a chance to work on one of the most difficult topics in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. And yes, we can't be more excited! 🥳

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Grouping similar sentences for faster intent training

After successfully extended a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) model called "SentenceTransformers" to Swedish language, we decided to continue with another exciting project aiming to half-automate the intent training process by grouping similar sentences.

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Step by step guide project chatbot
Oliver Wirström

Step-by-step guide: Project Chatbot

Implementing a chatbot project can be a long and complex journey if you don't know how to do it. There are many risks associated with automating customer caps, and ultimately the reputation of the organization is at stake, as the chatbot becomes the welcome mat for customers to create that first impression that makes up the majority of what they'll think forever. It's also easy for a chatbots project to drag on, costing the shirt.

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