Chatbots – The Forgotten Area

When you say chatbot, people think customer service. That's probably where we first came into contact with them. But is it really the only area you can use chatbots for?

A chatbot should be a tool to increase availability and response times to a level we humans are not capable of. Or maybe it should offer answers in a more customized and dynamic form as opposed to spitting out long paragraphs you patiently have to search through to find what you are looking for. Then, of course, customer service comes into mind right away.

But we have forgotten what these features can do beyond this.

Aren't they also desirable internally? What does an employee wonder? A boss asks? Colleague? Checking the intranet? The staff manual? That's where the options run out.

What happens if you have been working for a while and have a question whose answer you should perhaps be able to by now? What does the boss say? Isn't it also hard to have to wait until the colleague finishes talking on the phone every time you have a question? And how long did it actually last to find the information in the intranet's haystack?

What are the consequences of this? You might not bother to ask altogether, and let it instead just fall between the chairs like a drunk colleague at the Christmas party.


What if you had a secret assistant you could ask anything, anytime, but direct response? The chatbot is located on the same information as the intranet, but can find the information you are looking for directly and deliver it to you in a personal way — on any platform you use. Beyond that, with the right integrations in place, can the chatbot also carry out cases that would otherwise require the involvement of HR, finance, or management?

Has a colleague mistreated you? Send a report via the chatbot.
Have you lost your pay slip? Chatbot fix't.
Do you want to exchange shifts with someone? This allows the chatbot to solve the entire switch administratively without you having to use 36 programs.

So even if customer service is an excellent use for chatbots, we must not stop there. HR bots that have demonstrated will be implemented substantially in the coming years, this indicates a lot. But what other uses are available? It's just the imagination that stops.

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