Our Chatbot is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Understands over 20 languages. Understands the context between sentences. Can remember what was said earlier in the conversation. With our experience, we build a chatbot for you. We integrate with your systems. Our customers' bots today take around 60% of all questions.

Language comprehension via NLP (Natural Language Processing). Context-based language understanding between sentences. Button & Free Text. Can be triggered by behavior on the website. Completed integrations with BankID and Google Maps. Insamlining of customer data. Login. Support for Facebook Messenger & Slack.

Ebbot chatbot welcome
Ebbot chatbot welcome
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More satisfied customers. More satisfied employees.

24/7 Availability

What would it mean for you if your customers could get answers at any time, without having to wait?

Motivated agents

When repetitive queries are removed, agents receive more complex cases. 

Safe for high season
Ebbot is infinitely scalable and handles all your customers at the same time if needed. No queues, no waiting time.

A live chatbot

Ebbot has aces up his sleeve that make him a chatbot out of the ordinary. The results speak for themselves. At our customers, we see that in many cases more than half of cases are fully automated. 


Ebbot understands over 20 languages through NLP (Natural Language Processing). It is difficult to predict how people will express themselves. Instead of requiring exact keywords, Ebbot can therefore recognize similar sentences and therefore understand more expressions with the same meaning.

Type of query: Order status

Sample questions: (training phrases)

Where's my order?
How's my order going?
Where are my products?
I wonder where my goods are?
When's my stuff coming?

NLP magic

Ebbot understands 80% of all ways you can ask about order status

Did you come with me?

Context example

Follow-up questions can be tricky for chatbots. However, the contextual understanding we have built into Ebbot allows follow-up questions to be handled, and a topic of conversation can continue in as natural a way as in a human conversation. Ebbot also remembers what has been said in previous topics, and can use that information later in the conversation. 

Context example
Training center

Better. Faster. Over time.

Training center

The Training Center is easy to train Ebbot with the huge amount of data collected in previous conversations. 

With just one click, Ebbot learns a previous conundrum to ask. There is no answer to the question yet, it can easily be created up in stretcher Bot-Builder (Link). 

Mirelle Gofido

The collaboration with Ebbot is a cornerstone of our strategy for our total work for the best customer experience

Mirelle de la Torre Walldén

Operations Manager, Gofido


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Get a live demo on the web where we go through the tool and explore what processes Ebbot could automate in your business.
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Paraphrase questions in Swedish using T5

After one month of preparing the dataset and training, we proudly present to you a T5 (Text-To-Text Transfer Transfromer) based model that paraphrases any questions in the Swedish language. By learning from paraphrased questions by the Swedish T5, we are no longer limited to just the topics in our current questions database.

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Secure personal data with Hello Ebbot's

Secure personal data with Hello Ebbot's dishwasher

Are you wondering if it is safe to share your information with Ebbot? Well, you can put your mind at ease now as we reassure you that with Hello Ebbot's special dishwasher, your personal data is completely secure! How does this dishwasher work and how did we make it possible, you may ask? Please keep reading and we will answer all your questions 👀

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