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5 ways to maximize the potential of customer service employees

We tell you about the customer service employee: your most important resource to influence what customers think of you. You will get 5 tips on how to best increase motivation, performance by creating the right conditions and a sustainable way of working.

Customer service trends 2021
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Trends in Customer Service 2021

Customer service. The priority feature that has gained more and more fire in recent years. 2020 was the year when COVID-19 made it even clearer how important it was to be able to be there for its customers when it mattered. In this context, the ever-progressing technology glacier makes it easier for organizations to offer better service with fewer resources. 

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IT Software – proud partner of Hello Ebbot!

Hi! IT Software here. We are so happy to be able to guest star on – because we love our cooperation! So, who are we then? Whether you are just looking for a service management system, or want to increase the level of automation in your business, our software grows with your department. IT Software helps your service department increase the level of service, reduce the workload and streamline your everyday work. 


3 Benefits of Chat & Chatbot

More and more customers prefer chat to contact companies today. Despite this, many companies remain with email and telephone as their only contact routes. In the video above but also in text form below we describe three benefits companies can take advantage of with chat and chatbot.

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Three Trends In CX 2020

It's an honor to meet so many companies every week. A smorgasbord of