Say hello to Elgot, Öresundskraft's digital employee.

This case is the beginning of a hopefully long and strategic cooperation. We have currently built a bot that helps customers navigate the website, and that answers lighter questions. In the long run, there is the potential to build integrations with both the app and the My Pages platform. We are grateful to work with a supplier in the energy industry who is so forward thinking and constantly strives to further streamline the customer journey.  

Energy Industry - A Chatbot's Dream

The energy industry has high volumes into customer service, but very few questions. Therefore, automation becomes extremely effective. By focusing on the few issues that the majority consist of, such as invoice issues, you can reach a high degree of automation relatively quickly compared to other industries.

Helps the customer log in to My Pages

"My Pages" is a great idea. Customers can certainly help themselves. The problem becomes when customers can't get there and don't know how to navigate inside the platform. Here Ebbot comes in and frees up the potential My Pages can bring if customers can use them correctly.


In the chat client, agents can share their screens with customers to guide them right on the website.

50% Automated

Already in the first phase we have taken care of around half of the traffic into customer service. However, the potential of this particular case is huge over the term and we are really looking forward to where everything will land in the long run!

Elgot Öresundskraft

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