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Say hello to Jeanett, NetOnNet's digital employee.

We are very proud to work with NetOnNet, as they share our values in the importance we put in innovation as well as full transparency in everything we do. After only 3 months, with the chatbot we built for them, we have come up with over 50% of automated cases. The bot, Jeanett handles the entire buying journey, and balls over 1,500 chats a day on to the team of 16 agents.

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Manages the purchase trip from start to finish

Jeanett answers all questions that may be relevant in the customer's purchase journey: find the right products, inform about price guarantee, find orders, and post complaints in Zendesk.

High pressure

As one of the leading E-retailers in Sweden, NetOnNet often experiences high pressure into customer service. It can be over 1500 chats in per day many days. Then it is important that the platform handles the pressure. Jeanett has done this superbly and tags for Black Friday as the pressure can multiply.

Chat for the entire team

NetOnNet's customer service of 16 agents works seamlessly in Ebbot's chat client in cases where Jeanett needs to submit a case. New employees are easily onboarded and are quickly competent in the tool.

50% Automated

Jeanett currently handles around 50% of all incoming chats. This means that between 1500 chats daily are fully automated. We are currently measuring what this will mean in pure figures in the long term, but someone who has worked in customer service can probably easily work out what benefits this brings.

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