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Say hello to Ebba! Jungheinrich's digital collaborators.

As one of the leading truck suppliers in the world, Jungheinrich has a wide range of trucks. Customers need to be channelled to the right products and ultimately to the right people. This is where Ebbot comes into the picture. We are currently helping the Swedish market to help customers right. Most of this bot is built with buttons, and this particular case is a good example of how far you can get with buttons when the position is right. 

Find your way in the truck jungle

With such a wide range, it can be tricky sometimes to find just the right one. Ebba quickly filters which truck the customer is looking for based on various parameters that are asked as counter-questions at the customer's request.

Increase lead conversion

Sometimes it's just single information that determines the difference between a confused visitor and a new lead! Since Ebba can respond to customers when it matters most, the conversion ultimately increases.

Create the right cases for the right people

With many business areas and markets, visitors will be channelled to a bunch of different employees. Ebba helps to produce the information needed to ultimately pass the cases on to the right salesperson.

Qualify leads

Before a lead is sent over, Ebba takes in all relevant information to ensure that the seller is as prepared as possible once the case is handed over

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