Oliver Wirström

Writes all content on Hello Ebbot. Of course, writes a lot about chatbots, ai, and customer experience.

How to streamline your support journey by thinking right

Support comes in different forms. Customer service is most common. But this also includes internal support, both helpdesk and staff manuals. Regardless of form, the challenges are similar. A problem arises — the person with the problem should find help, and it is the company's responsibility that the problem is solved.  We can call this process the support journey.  At many companies, it is ...

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Step by step guide project chatbot

Step-by-step guide: Project Chatbot

Implementing a chatbot project can be a long and complex journey if you don't know how to do it. There are many risks associated with automating customer caps, and ultimately the reputation of the organization is at stake, as the chatbot becomes the welcome mat for customers to create that first impression that makes up the majority of what they'll think forever. It's also easy for a chatbots project to drag on, costing the shirt.

Customer service trends 2021

Trends in Customer Service 2021

Customer service. The priority feature that has gained more and more fire in recent years. 2020 was the year when COVID-19 made it even clearer how important it was to be able to be there for its customers when it mattered. In this context, the ever-progressing technology glacier makes it easier for organizations to offer better service with fewer resources. 

How to assess a chatbot background-02

How should a chatbot be assessed?

How do you assess a chatbot? It's time to clear up something here we feel. We have seen an increasing number of comments from companies that have tested our customers' chatbots and are unhappy with what they see. Why is that so? What are they looking at? And why can't they show their "official chatbots" leg? 


Customer service – who works there today?

This is how I see today's employees at customer service: Social Sympathetic Service minded Patients Good at adapting language to customer Maybe they are young? First job? Part-time while studying? Maybe they don't work for a long time when something lucrative lurks around the corner? It's pretty easy to work in customer service, but it's not easy to be good at...

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The time for the Chatbots is up! In the past, Chatbots have been clumsy and not sufficiently "intelligent" to be successfully implemented in a company. The goal should be to find something that automates so much that the workload is significantly increased for the employees. What should you think about when getting a chatbot? Here are 5 things we know our customers...