IT Software – proud partner of Hello Ebbot!

Hey, hey, hey. IT Software here. We are so happy to be able to guest star on – because we love our cooperation! So, who are we then? Whether you are just looking for a service managementsystem,or want to increase the level of automation in yourbusiness, our software grows with your department. IT Software helps your service department increase the level of service, reduce the workload and streamline your everyday work. 

By offering everything from market-leading software to services such as project management, training and process efficiency, IT Software wants to be a strategic and driving partner for our customers throughout the customer life cycle. All from the same partner. Just the way we are, they're convincingde you to want it to be. 

Ebbot makes your business available 24/7 on multiple platforms through full automation. Availability drives customer satisfaction – something IT Software is passionate about. That's why IT Software is proud to offer Ebbot as one of our partner solutions. Perhaps even seamlessly with your new topdesk case management system?  

Completed integrations Ebbot to TOPdesk

Erik Karlsson is product manager for Ebbot at IT Software, and he thinks the common approach to customer experience and the finished integrations are two of the partnership's many success factors. 

Thanks to our common approach to customer experience, with the gang at Hello Ebbot, we have created a fantastic integration between TOPdesk and Ebbot where from a conversation can be created cases in TOPdesk that you can then ask questions to Ebbot about to find out the status, etc. All so that the customer can feel that you can get help with all their questions via the same contact path.

In addition to feeling that Hello Ebbot's employees have the same passion and drive to get happy customers who experience world-class service delivery, we work together agile to adapt our offerings based on what is current in the industry right now

Erik Karlsson, product owner for Ebbot at IT Software
Erik Karlsson on the right in the picture.

In the next guest blog we will talk more about how Ebbot can be used for internal communication!   Many people think of Ebbot first hand as a bot for customer service – but we know ebbot is brilliant at so much more! And knowledge is there to be shared, isn't it?   💜 

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