During our time, we have learned a lot about automation in customer service. We know it's inevitable, we also know it's hard —but we're starting to understand how to do it really well. We have implemented projects where traffic is so high that everything depends on it simply having to work. Then Ebbot needs to be able to answer the majority of questions, and be able to pass the remaining questions on to a human employee. No customer should be caught.

We are proud to see with our customers how automation facilitates both end customers and employees' everyday lives. Time is exonered. More interesting, more challenging customer dialogues increase motivation. And the interaction with Ebbot creates a feeling that you are part of the customer service of the future.


At Hello Ebbot, we understand that if you are going to create technology that automates such important parts of a business as customer management, it is a must to create technology that can interact with people. That's why we've put enormous emphasis in our service on the interaction between AI and humans. Our vision is therefore not only to create the world's best chatbot, but also to offer a chat client that seamlessly interacts with agents, and which is a delight to use on a daily basis.

We believe that customer experience is at the heart of a healthy organization. We believe in freeing up time for man at work to focus on creativity and the human encounter. And we believe that AI is the tool to do this.

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