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Communicate better with customers on your website using Ebbot – Chatbot & Livechat powered by Artificial Intelligence

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More satisfied employees. Happier customers.

Availability 24/7

A chatbot makes your business available 24/7 on multiple platforms through full automation. Availability drives customer satisfaction!

Reduce support costs

Since a chatbot with us in many cases handles over 70% of cases, the need to replace employees disappears when someone quits.

Increase motivation for employees

Since Ebbot takes care of the repetitive issues, employees are allowed to deal with the more complex issues.

Prepare for high season

A chatbot is infinitely scalable and can thus handle all your customers at the same time if needed. No queues, no waiting time.

A better way to help customers

Today, support requirements are higher than ever. If a customer enters a company's website, they expect to quickly find a way to get help. At Ebbot, we are constantly working to find more efficient ways for companies to meet their customers, and to solve their problems more quickly. 

Whether it's our chatbot Ebbot, or our live chat for agents — packed with small mini-automations — we can, through the latest technology combined with our long experience in customer service, insure a higher availability, higher customer satisfaction, and fewer resources used. 

Welcome attention

"The collaboration with Ebbot has been magical in every way. Extremely committed and inspiring team throughout, regardless of which department you have been in contact with. Smooth and easy implementation, straight and clear communication and the entire package was tailored to our needs and wishes. We are proud of this collaboration and of course we give 5/5 robots in rating. Everyone should have an Ebbot!"

– Dino Burazer
Bot Specialist, Rusta

Dino Rusta

Convert more visitors to your website


Increase your conversion by increasing your availability. Like a shop assistant who proactively helps customers with their purchases, our chatbot can do the same on your website. Let the chat "pop" and say the right thing at the right time. Guide customers through shopping trips. Increase sales while improving customer satisfaction.  

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Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ebbot's language understanding improves over time. Ebbot understands the context between sentences and supports over 20 languages. This results in the experience level required for a chatbot to be compared to a human employee.


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We understand that human contact is at the heart of good service. Therefore, we have made sure that in addition to the world's best chatbot also offer a powerful chat client with full functionality to run a large support team. Interact with Ebbot, send errands to colleagues, or see what the customer sees on their screen with our Co-Browsning feature.
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Statistics is the customer service manager's best friend. With the analysis function in Ebbot, you can easily handle large volumes of data regarding how your chatbot performs, and then draw conclusions based on customer behavior, sentiment, and number of managed chats. It will be a powerful tool to understand your customers more deeply.

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chatbot studio

In our platform it is both easy and fun to build chatbot and set up integrations. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can learn to train Ebbot. Set up questions and follow-up questions with our simple tree structure. At the same time, you who are more experienced can cave yourself down properly in our Code Editor.

Not just customer service...

Ebbot customer service chatbot
Customer Service Chatbot

Customer service staff's dream colleague who answers the majority of questions, identifies customers and takes over completely when the office is closed. 

Ebbot HR chatbot
HR/Internal Chatbot

On the internal side, Ebbot handles everything from compliance cases to onboarding. An employee will never be afraid to ask a stupid question again!

Ebbot Helpdesk chatbot
IT/Helpdesk Chatbot

Ebbot guides step by step through how to solve problems and in many cases can also solve the problems all by itself. Manages everything from permission levels to Wi-Fi tasks.

Ebbot Sellers chatbot
Conversion Chatbot

Sell-Ebbot collects leads on your website if you are a B2B company. If you work with consumers, Ebbot helps customers on the website to choose the right one, and thus increases the conversion.


Say hello to Jeanett!

NetOnNet's digital employees who, after just 3 months, automated over 50% of incoming cases. Jeanett handles the entire buying journey, and balls over 500 chats a day on to the team of 16 agents.

Our amazing customers

We love our customers. Often they think the same way as we do: a healthy image of automation and a burning passion for customer experience. 

"We have been looking at bots for a long time but have not experienced that they have met our expectations. Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we only have positive experiences with the collaboration. Their development team immediately understood what was important to us at Nelly. During the project, they have been responsive and delivered on point based on our specifications"

– Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead,

Mikaela Loch Nelly Avatar

Curious to know more about how Ebbot could work for you?

Get a live demo on the web where we go through the tool and explore what processes Ebbot could automate in your business.

Autocorrect spelling mistakes in Swedish language

Understanding that typos can be one of the reasons why Ebbot cannot give the right response, our NLP team at Hello Ebbot decided to develop a new feature to autocorrect spelling mistakes, specifically for Swedish language! Our spellcheck corrector not only considers context to provide better correction, but also has fixed performance.

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Paraphrase questions in Swedish using T5

After one month of preparing the dataset and training, we proudly present to you a T5 (Text-To-Text Transfer Transfromer) based model that paraphrases any questions in the Swedish language. By learning from paraphrased questions by the Swedish T5, we are no longer limited to just the topics in our current questions database.

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