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Communicate better with customers on your website with Ebbot - Chatbot & Livechat powered by Artificial Intelligence. Help customers 24/7, guide visitors to purchase, and get more out of your agents.  
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The customer journey of the future

  • Availability

    A chatbot makes your business accessible 24/7 on multiple platforms with automation. Availability drives customer satisfaction!

  • Reduced costs

    Since a chatbot with us in many cases handles over 70% of cases, the need to replace employees disappears when someone quits.

  • Happier employees

    Since Ebbot takes care of the repetitive issues, employees are allowed to deal with the more complex issues.

  • Increased sales

    A chatbot can act like a digital shop assistant! Meet visitors in the right way with the right message and help them through the buying journey.

Ebbot Chatbot

The complete platform to meet customers

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AI Chatbot

With AI, Ebbot's language comprehension improves over time. Ebbot understands the context between sentences and has support for over 20 languages. Easy to set up, easy to train.

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Next generation chat tools. Our Smartchat uses Ebbot's AI functionality to streamline a customer service agent's everyday life.

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Conversation Starter

Say the right thing at the right time. Trigger messages tailored to customer behaviour on the website. Guide customers to more purchases.

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Our platform makes it easy to build chatbots and set up integrations. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can learn how to train a chatbot.

"The collaboration with Ebbot has been magical in every way. Smooth and easy implementation, straightforward and clear communication and the whole package was tailored to our needs and wishes."

– Dino Burazer
Bot Specialist, Rusta

Get started in no time.

Find out how to get your business up and running with Chatbot and Livechat. We'll help you. 

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Convert more visitors to your website


Increase your conversion by increasing your availability. Like a shop assistant who proactively helps customers with their purchases, our chatbot can do the same on your website. Let the chat "pop" and say the right thing at the right time. Guide customers through shopping trips. Increase sales while improving customer satisfaction.  


Say hello to Jeanett!

NetOnNet's digital employees who, after just 3 months, automated over 50% of incoming cases. Jeanett handles the entire buying journey, and balls over 500 chats a day on to the team of 16 agents.

Our amazing customers

We love our customers. Often they think the same way as we do: a healthy image of automation and a burning passion for customer experience. 

"We have been looking at cures for a long time but have not found them to meet our expectations.

Hello Ebbot's product is smart and intuitive and we have only positive experiences with the cooperation."

– Mikaela Loch
Customer Experience Team Lead,

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How would Ebbot work for you?

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