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Unlimited availability with automation

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Ebbot makes your business available 24/7 on multiple platforms through full automation. Availability drives customer satisfaction! 

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Ebbot understands the power of human contact and is not afraid to smoothly hand over to a human employee when needed.

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A chatbot doesn't forget what to say. 100% continuity of language and tonality. Never tired, never sick, always available

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Ebbot is infinitely scalable and handles all your customers at the same time if needed. No queues, no waiting time. 

More than a Chatbot

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"We like working with a supplier who thinks customer service. Ebbot has really tailored a solution for our business. This I think is due to the enormous weight they seem to put on customer experience in their service. In addition, they are nice to deal with and are always open to discussions."

Henrik Georgsson, Dynamic Code


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In our platform it is both easy and fun to build chatbots and set up integrations. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can learn to train Ebbot. At the same time, if you're more experienced you're able to go deeper with our Code Editor. We'd be happy to give you a personal tour. Click on the video to get in touch!

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