Chatbot + Man = Customer Service of the Future

With our intelligent chatbot Ebbot and with expertise in customer service, we can provide the right conditions to deliver the customer experience of the future. We teach your agents how to collaborate with Ebbot in our groundbreaking chat client. We will guide you in your automation project. And we measure everything from start to finish so that you can clearly see the impact on the customer experience..

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Release full potential

24/7 Availability
Ebbot makes your business available 24/7 on multiple platforms through full automation. Availability drives customer satisfaction!
A chatbot doesn't forget what to say. 100% continuity of language and tonality. Never tired, never sick, always available
Relay Robot
Ebbot understands the power of human contact and is not afraid to smoothly hand over to a human employee when needed.
Ebbot is infinitely scalable and handles all your customers at the same time if needed. No queues, no waiting time.


Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ebbot's language understanding improves over time. Ebbot understands the context between sentences and supports over 20 languages. This results in the experience level required for a chatbot to be compared to a human employee.


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Chat Client

We understand that human contact is at the heart of good service. Therefore, we have made sure to also offer a powerful chat client with full functionality to run a large support team. Interact with Ebbot, send errands to colleagues, or see what the customer sees on their screen with our Co-Browsning feature. 



Statistics is the customer service manager's best friend. With the analytics function of Ebbot, you can easily handle large volumes of data, and then draw conclusions based on customer behavior, sentiment, and number of managed chats. It will be a powerful tool to understand your customers more deeply.


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Ebbot integrates with:

Ebbot has many jobs

Ebbot customer service
Customer service

Customer service staff's dream colleague who answers the majority of questions, identifies customers and takes over completely when the office is closed. 

Ebbot HR

On the internal side, Ebbot handles everything from compliance cases to onboarding. An employee will never be afraid to ask a stupid question again!

Ebbot Helpdesk

Ebbot guides step by step through how to solve problems and in many cases can also solve the problems all by itself. Manages everything from permission levels to Wi-Fi tasks.

Ebbot Sellers

Sell-Ebbot collects leads on your website if you are a B2B company. If you work with consumers, Ebbot helps customers on the website to choose the right one, and thus increases the conversion.


In our platform it is both easy and fun to build chatbot and set up integrations. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, anyone can learn to train Ebbot. Set up questions and follow-up questions with our simple tree structure. At the same time, you who are more experienced can cave yourself down properly in our Code Editor.

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