Autocorrect spelling mistakes in Swedish language

Understanding that typos can be one of the reasons why Ebbot cannot give the right response, our NLP team at Hello Ebbot decided to develop a new feature to autocorrect spelling mistakes, specifically for Swedish language! Our spellcheck corrector not only considers context to provide better correction, but also has fast performance.


Paraphrase questions in Swedish using T5

After one month of preparing the dataset and training, we proudly present to you a T5 (Text-To-Text Transfer Transfromer) based model that paraphrases any questions in the Swedish language. By learning from paraphrased questions by the Swedish T5, we are no longer limited to just the topics in our current questions database.

Secure personal data with Hello Ebbot's

Secure personal data with Hello Ebbot’s dishwasher

Are you wondering if it is safe to share your information with Ebbot? Well, you can put your mind at ease now as we reassure you that with Hello Ebbot’s special dishwasher, your personal data is completely secure! How does this dishwasher work and how did we make it possible, you may ask? Please keep reading and we will answer all your questions 👀

Toxic comment detection in Swedish

Detecting toxic messages in Swedish language

Recently, one of our clients asked us to teach Ebbot to detect toxic messages in conversations. Thanks to this special request, we got a chance to work on one of the most difficult topics in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) field. And yes, we can not be more excited! 🥳


Grouping similar sentences for faster intent training

After successfully extended a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) model called ”SentenceTransformers” to Swedish language, we decided to continue with another exciting project aiming to half-automate the intent training process by grouping similar sentences.

Steg för steg guide projekt chatbot

Steg för steg guide: Projekt Chatbot

Att genomföra ett chatbot-projekt kan vara en lång och komplex resa om man inte vet hur man ska bära sig åt. Det finns många risker förknippade med att automatisera kundkontaken, och i slutändan står organisationens rykte på spel, då chatboten blir välkomstmattan för kunder att skapa sig det där första intrycket som utgör majoriteten av vad de kommer tycka för alltid. Det är också lätt att ett chatbots-projekt drar ut på tiden, och kostar skjortan.

Bättre Medarbetare
Customer Experience

5 sätt att maximera potentialen i kundservicemedarbetare

Vi berättar om kundservicemedarbetaren: er viktigaste resurs för att påverka vad kunder tycker om er. Ni får 5 tips om hur ni på bästa sätt ökar motivation, prestation genom att skapa rätt förutsättningar och ett hållbart arbetssätt.


Chat messages spam classifier using machine learning

Do you know that not every sentence is useful for the learning process? There is information that we do not want Ebbot to memorize, such as phone numbers, emails and spam messages. That is why we decided to build a Machine Learning (ML) model to classify messages as spam or not spam to filter out unnecessary data.